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Hi again!

My obsession with aquaria and houseplants it's raising it's head in our flat. I got a 54l (12g) empty tank for free and my grandpa gave me his old aquarium light for that. After coming to the conclusion that turning it into a betta/shrimp tank would be a bad idea maintenance-wise, my plans settled for an orchid terrarium, with a miniature phalaenopsis and peperomia.

Here is a phone-pic of the tank
I started to plan out getting houseplants to the rest of the apartment too. As you can see from the previous post, I already have an aloe vera (which, by the way, is suffering from something. I probably have to repot it.) and then I have a cowslip, which is probably never going to bloom again. Few weeks back I also started a small herb garden, currently with mint and basil.

But really wanted something bigger than those, something that immediately catches your eye and brings green and exotic style to the room. I settled on getting some kind of palm, probably a kentia palm or a parlour palm. I also clipped some leaves from my mom's monstera deliciosa (which is actually quite monsterous) so I can plant them in the near future.

I will post pictures when my plans take a step forward!

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