Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers


Christmas is rolling up and it's time to start thinking about how to delight your friends and family! Personally, I love planning gifts and ways to delight people so Christmas time is a dream time for me (the only limit being money). As a plant lover myself, here are some tips!

1. Art  (Plants B, Farn)
These posters from JUNIQE are absolutely stunning and made by some small business artists. Who wouldn't want some more greenery up to their walls too?

2. Planters (Woolly Pocket, atelierstella)
Just like there's never too many plants, there's never too many planters. From basic terracotta pots to these creative beauties, a plant lover will surely be blooming with joy!

3. Watering Can (Fallen Fruits 1L)
I have a secret to confess: my "watering can" is an old plastic bottle cut almost in half... There are some gorgeous watering cans on the market today, so you can't really go wrong with this one!

4. Seeds (biodiverseed, rarepalmseeds)
If you have your own seeds or you buy some from a store, a plant enthusiast will be swooning over this quite unique and personal gift.

5. Watering Helpers (Water from a Stone)
There's something all gardeners fear when going on a vacation: who's going to water your plants? These watering helpers erase that kind of problem!


  1. Great minds think alike :) I would love that hanging planter and watering stone. Although I do so badly want some plant art too :)

  2. Plant art nowadays is such a huge trend and I can't wait to hop on that board too! I have a plain white wall right in front of me that just screams something on it...


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