Finding myself (again)

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I moved to a new city in the fall, all by myself. I left my family and boyfriend to my home town, even though he's name was with mine in our rent contract. But he had school, I had school and so his moving here was delayed by half a year. Those six months were rough on me, even though I visited home every weekend, sometimes even more. But, as cliche as it is, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Now L and I are settled in nicely, I'm getting used to university studying, grocery shopping makes more sense and all and all everything seems much brighter now. The spring sun is beaming through our a-bit-dirty windows, hinting of new chances and beginnings.

So on Monday I decided to explore my new home town a bit more. So far I've only cycled or walked to the necessary places: university, grocery shop, train station. Even to these basic destinations I've tried to find alternative paths, most of the time getting totally lost in the progress. But now I took a walking trip to a different part of town with my camera and my curiosity was awaken. Since kid I've been keen on wandering around in the many woods near our house and now I found that old feeling again!

I discovered a lake, still covered in ice and actually saw a man cycling across it and a little girl skating at the beach line. Crazy folks, if you ask me, since it's been over zero temperatures for so long already. The birch forest really reminded me of home.

And my cute little aloe veras finally found their place! I saw a bigger aloe in the store yesterday and almost bought it, I think I have a new obsession.

Nice spring to everyone!

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