Frankfurt in May

In the end of April I visited Frankfurt for a weekend trip with my family. My cousin is working there now so she promised to be our guide! I love Germany and since I was 2 years old, we have visited the country at least once a year with my family. Here are some pictures from our recent trip.

In May Day (1.5.) it's traditional in some parts of Germany to do a Maiwanderung, meaning a May hike. I don't know the origin of the event, but in the present it mostly mean getting a bunch of drink with you and walking around the nature or city with your friends, drinking at the same time. In the Rhein-wineregion there's also a Weinwanderung held, in which local wineries offer taste offerings for the thousands of hikers. It was a rainy day and bit of a drive to the start point of the official Weinwanderung, so we did our own by walking a hiking route in a forest and some vineyards.

There was so many of these snail on the trail and it turned out we should've probably killed them instead of marveling them since they were Spanish slugs and eat pretty much everything in sight.

We we really hungry after the hike (which had ended in us practically rolling down a vineyard hill because the path we walked suddenly ended), so we visited a restaurant buried deep inside the forest and vineyards. It was next to a parking lot where a lot of hikers, including us, had left their cars, so the place was quite crowded. Despite that, the service was good and the beer even better! The star of the meal, although, was this salad I got. It was simply stated as a mixed salad with turkey strips on the menu but WOW, was it good! I'm not lying when I say it was the best salad I have ever eaten.


The view from my cousin's balcony was a beautiful city view with some lovely, still light-green trees mixed with clean cars. This trip really charged my batteries and I can't wait to visit again soon!

After looking at that picture of the salad again, I'm really craving one now. Where have you had your best salad? Comment below!


  1. That is a pretty view from your cousin's balcony. Can't say I've had a memorable salad but I sure will be looking out for it. Sounds like you had a great adventure on that hike. Thanks for sharing a piece of Germany (never been ).

    1. Thank you Barbara! Germany is a lovely country, if you ever have a chance to travel there, I recommend it!


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