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Instead of just showing my plants as I promised, I'll do a whole flat tour! This is a 34 squaremeter student apartment me and my boyfriend rented last fall.

Here is the kitchen. We live in the first floor and the kitchen window is pointing straight towards the walk between the buildings, so we put a smaller lace-curtain on the window to get a bit more privacy. The main colors of the kitchen are white, green and brown and it's also the place where most of my plants are in:

Basil and a bit beaten down mint

Monstera deliciosa leaves, let's see if they root
My orchid terrarium in progress: some moss, wood and a miniature phalaenopsis

Here's the bedroom, the room where we spend most of our time. We have our laptops, game consoles, TV, books and weights here so the kitchen is mostly used only for cooking and eating (sometimes we even eat in the bedroom). The colors here are blue, white and gray. The dressers under the TV and consoles need a coat of white paint so they would fit in better, and that's actually my project for this summer.

Here's the newest addition to our plant family: a wonderful yucca palm! It's super cute and it fit perfectly on the shelf when I removed one of the shelves from it. The little ducks are vintage children toys that make a clicking noise when pressing the beak and they are the cutest things ever! We got them from our Frankfurt trip earlier this month.

I didn't photograph the mudroom and the bathroom now because in my opinion they are just not very interesting. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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